Donation Recipients - Please Vote



Following, you'll find a list of charitable organizations serving various constituencies in Glen Ellyn.   


Please indicate your desired support of up to three (3) of these organizations.  Based on your responses, we will rank order the recipients and send the results back out to you.


THUS FAR, we have committments for over ONE THOUSAND dollars to award...if you've been meaning to donate but haven't done so yet - please finish your donations by November 30, 2013.


Our intent is to distribute ALL "DONATIONS" prior to Christmas, 2013; our plan includes up to three groups, depending on your response (i.e., 50% of donations, 35% of donations, and 15% of donations).



Thanks in advance - 


The Reunion Committee



Charitable Organizations Serving the Needy in Glen Ellyn






Service Provided to:

Web Site or Contact


Glen Ellyn Youth & Family Counseling


Counseling services for at risk children

DuPage Senior Citizens Council


Delivers meals to senior citizens



Day care centers





DuPage Habitat for Humanity


Affordable homes (GE project at rts 53 & 56)



Overnight shelter & services

The Welcome Center


Drop-in center before PADs site opens

GE Children's Resource Center

Immigrant Children

After school care & ESL reading

Glen Ellyn Food Pantry


Provides food to the hungry

Glen Ellyn Walk-In Ministry


Emergency services to those in need

Teen Parent Connection

Pregnant teens

Teen-Parent-Connection on Facebook

Parenting support to teen moms



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1)   * Which charity should receive the most support?

(The charity named the most often will receive 50% of our donated funds). If you only want to direct your support to one of the charities, select it here and stop. Answers to this question will receive a .50 weighting.
2)   Which charity should receive the next amount of support (35% of our donated funds)?

(The second-most named charity will receive 35% of our donated funds). Voting for a second and third charity is optional. Answers here will receive a .35 weighting.
3)   Which charity should receive 15% of our donated funds?

Answers here will receive a .15 weighting.